About Us

I am extremely sensitive when someone is using MIVA products. I ensure with all my heart to make this experience a memory for them. From opening that package to finally using that product I want you to have a smile on your face. I dedicate this to your smile, your smile makes it worth all the efforts we put in making MIVA a homely brand. We try to incorporate your feedback and are constantly evolving in making a robust process which can enable MIVA products to be of supreme standards. There are hours of manual work spent before each product is ready to be shipped.
We craft it with love, dedication, and passion and will continue to do so for a lifetime.
Miti Jain, Founder, MIVA
It is not easy to do a small business from home, everything needs to be done from your own hands. From production to the final shipped product. Miti makes MIVA Products with extreme love and care. She designs this experience so that when you make a purchase with MIVA it gives you the best experience. Though, MIVA may have its shortcomings but the brand is willing to improve and it is a part of the process.
Vandit Jain, Husband